Why us?


We all know that utilizing social media is important.....I mean everyone is doing it right? But if your organization is a Small Business you likely have enough on your plate already without having to add videograpy and editing to your to do list.

SpecialFX can offer you a high quality video product that will be shot in 4K resolution (the highest quality available) for a reasonable price.

We can come to your place of business to shoot in various formats of video: action, interview, testimonial or a combination. We can film actors, add music....you tell us what you want and we will produce it for you!!

Once complete you will have a product that you can use on your website, post on social media or play at a trade show....give us a call!

What seperates us?

We don't just show up with a smart phone we have invested in 4K technology in various formats:

  • 4K Handheld
  • Drone Air
  • Go-Pro 1st person

We have also invested in professional lighting for proper background/foreground effects, professional mic systems and movement rails.

How does it work?

We will book a video shoot with you (inside or outside) where the formal filming will occur, the video is then taken back to our studio where the editing process will be completed based on your instructions, the video is then screened by the client and if approved will be provided to you via email/thumb drive/external hard drive. 

Who can we help?

Let our business help your business,  organzation or event be more successful.

  • Small-Market Businesses
  • Community Organizations

We can capture the moments for you

  • Weddings
  • Family Reunions